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The Carlsun family introduces our ambassador Carlsun was born out of a desire to ‘show off the sun’ but yet capture the joy & enthusiasm the new management desires to express.  His name is derived from the ‘Carl’ in Carlsbad and the ‘sun’ of his Southwestern birthplace.  Carlsun stands for the attitude of fun & cheerfulness we strive to communicate to our guests and not so subtly share with the world. Carlsun watches over the park silently encouraging everyone who sees him to enjoy the day!  He also finds himself boldly placed in the center of everything. Our thanks to Dakota Collectibles for their permission for us to give him life and a home.  Our thanks to Carlsun for sharing his ‘colors’ with us and giving our property personality.
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Hi, I’m Carlsun
Carlsbad RV Park and Campground